Otter Tails - Curly Tail

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“The first truly superior alternative to the pork rind.”

Several years ago, Captain Bruce designed, developed and tested a new material from which he has created several types of lure and strip baits. This new material is soft, flexible and it absorbs and holds scent like a sponge. It is tough enough for repeated catches even on toothy fish and won’t dry up and shrivel if left exposed to sunlight and air. It can be dyed any color and with glitter adds a flashy attractant. Many of the colors we have chosen are iridescent and have pearl like reflective tones. We also offer Tails that Glow in the Dark.

There are new designs being developed so check back often to see if they are in production.

Otter Tails

Provide strike stimulating scented action

Last longer than plastic or pork

Sizes to fit all presentations

User friendly packaging

Many vibrant sparking colors

Unlimited shelf life

A positive addition to any tacklebox

Made in the USA

For maximum effectiveness occasionally return the lure to the jar to recharge with scent and worm oil lubricant.

Otter Long Tails

“OTTER TUBE TAILS” are 6 1/2 inches long and provide strike stimulating scented action on tube lures. They can also be used on bucktails, fluke rigs and umbrella rigs. They may also be cast alone on a single hook with a slip sinker for most any fresh or saltwater fish.

Otter Short Tails

“OTTER SHORT TAILS” are 5 inches long and were designed primarily for buctails, fluke and seabass rigs, also a variety of fresh water applications.

Otter Tiny Tails

“Otter Twin Tails” are 2.5 inches long. These tails were designed for smaller salt water and fresh water fishing applications. They can be used alone, on a hook, or fished on small jigs, spinner baits, or spoons.